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rules and procedures 

Welcome to the Torey Hayden message board.


Torey receives so much fan mail that she regrets she isn’t able to answer much of it personally, but she does hope to communicate via the message board. So, if you have a question for Torey or wish to pass information on, please do. Torey promises to stop by the message board on a regular basis.

Please note: This is an author fan site for the author Torey Hayden. It is not a board designed to provide emotional or crisis support. It is not a self-help mental health advice forum, a support group or a place to come for counsel. It is simply a place where people who enjoy Torey's books come to meet others with similar interests. Please respect this in regards to posting intimate details. Please do not ask advice specifically of Torey or of the other professionals who visit the board, they are not able to give it for legal reasons. Everything Torey writes here is simply personal opinion and not professional advice.

1. To post a message to this board you need to register.  This isn't hard to do.  Just click on the REGISTER tag on the board and follow the directions from there.  You can use your own name or a name of your choice.  We don't use this information for anything other than managing this message board. We do not pass e-mail addresses to third parties and you will be given the option of permitting us to send you messages relating to the board or Torey Hayden. (New titles, book signings, conferences, etc.)

2. If you wish, you may fill out a "user profile" which tells other message board users a little more about you.  This is a choice.  You can use the message board without doing this. 

3. If you disagree with someone else using the message board, please be courteous.  This is an international board with a wide range of ages, cultures, religions and races.  Please be respectful of that. 

4. This message board is capable of carrying on several forums at the same time, so if you wish to discuss topics in your own language, go ahead and post them in that language.  As responses come in, the message board will divide into a "Swedish-language forum" or a "Japanese-language forum", for example, as appropriate. 

5. Torey will try and stop by the message board regularly to answer questions and participate in conversations. 

6. Please read the 'Rules of the Site' BEFORE you post anything . The rules of the site are posted in the first forum on the message board entitled 'Rules of the Site'. Please also look at the archive forum "Understanding How This Site Works" to gain a better understanding of how to talk about sensitive issues. Reading these will help you understand how this community works and thus, your visit will be easier and more enjoyable.

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